UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)
UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)
UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)
UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)
UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)
UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)

UNOR™ Pregnancy (Relaxin)Screening Kit For Dogs/Cats(RLN Test)

样式:1 test /1 box
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After collecting trace samples, we are able to swiftly provide results within 5-10 minutes

Basic Info

【Principle of Inspection】
This product utilizes immunochromatographic assay to rapidly screen for relaxin in canine serum and plasma samples.Relaxin is a multi-brain hormone synthesized and secreted by the corpus luteum and placenta during pregnancy. Its concentration gradually increases with the progression of pregnancy and rapidly decreases after parturition. Therefore, this hormone is widely used as an auxiliary diagnostic tool for early pregnancy in animals.The detection limit of this product is 15 days after mating, Due to individual variations, if a false negative result occurs due to testing too early, retesting should be conducted after 1 week.

【Storage conditions and expiration date】
1. Stored at 2-30°C, the validity period is 24 months. Avoid direct sunlight, do not freeze. The test paper should be used as soon as possible within 1 hour after opening the aluminum foil bag.
2. See the label for the production batch number and expiration date.

【Packaging and components】
Each test includes:
1 X Pregnancy (Relaxin) Rapid Test Strip
1 X Sample Collection Swabs
1 X Collection Tubes with Sample Diluent
1 X Disposable dripper
1 X User Manual


【Sample collection】
1. Sample for Testing: Whole blood/serum/plasma (do not use hemolyzed or hyperlipidemic samples).
2. Samples should be tested on the same day; samples that cannot be tested on the same day should be refrigerated, and if more than 24 hours have passed, they should be frozen.
3. Whole blood should be collected in an anticoagulant tube and should not be frozen. It can be refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 3 days.

【Start Testing】
1. Before using any reagents, they must be brought to room temperature (15-30°C).
2. Place the test card on a level surface.
3. Using a micropipette, transfer one drop of canine blood sample (serum/plasma ≈ 5μl, whole blood ≈ 10μl) vertically into the sample well.
4. Add 2 drops (≈ 20-25μl per drop) of buffer solution to the sample well. Start the timer.
5. Read the results within 10-15 minutes. Results read after 15 minutes are invalid.

【Result Judgment】
1. Positive: Indicates the possibility of the presence of relaxin in the sample. It is recommended to have a follow-up check at a veterinary hospital.

2. Negative: Indicates the possibility of the absence of relaxin in the sample. Regular testing is advised.

3. Invalid: Results are inconclusive due to improper operation or other reasons. It is recommended to repeat the procedure following the instructions. If the problem persists, discontinue the use of this batch and contact the local supplier.

Suitable Pet Type

1. Newly adopted pet
2. Pets that used to roam outside
3. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors
4. Pets that come into frequent contact with other animals
5. Pets with clinical symptoms
6. Pets being treated, used to detect whether they are cured