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Hong Kong UNOR Medical Technology Co., Ltd

UNOR's R&D team consists of experts in IVD technology and rapid disease testing. We offer complete one-stop solutions for custom products, catering to various application needs. We have established a 9,500-square-meter GMP clean workshop and a 2,500-square-meter 100,000-level clean workshop. With the guidance of our skilled technical team and utilizing precision machining, mold design, and injection molding in our dust-free workshop, we provide comprehensive services for the rapid disease detection industry.

UNOR is equipped with advanced production equipment such as large CNC machining centers imported from Switzerland, CNC lathes and grinders imported from Japan, FANUC injection molding machines and blow molding machines imported from Japan for product design and manufacturing. These equipments include high-precision CNC machine tools, automatic robotic arms, belts Energy-saving servo motor injection molding machine, etc. The combination of high-efficiency injection molding machines and automatic robotic arm systems reduces work intensity and improves work efficiency; it achieves zero contact between products and operators during the production process, thus effectively ensuring the safety and quality stability of injection molding production. , currently, 90% of the company's products have achieved fully automated production.

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The Advantages of Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Pets:

1. Speed: Results are available within 5-10 minutes, enabling timely decision-making and treatment.
2. Convenience: Easy to use, no complicated equipment required.
3. Cost-Effectiveness: Economical alternative to laboratory testing, reducing healthcare costs.
4. Accuracy: The result accuracy rate reaches more than 98%, which helps in accurate diagnosis and treatment.
5. Early Detection: Detecting a disease or infection early so that timely intervention can occur.
6. Accessibility: Widely available in a variety of settings.

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