UNOR-Customized in vitro diagnostic testing supplier

UNOR-Customized in vitro diagnostic testing supplier

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WHO IS UNOR: Advanced Custom Diagnostic Solutions

UNOR is a brand under Hong Kong UNOR Medical Technology Co., Ltd.,specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of customized in vitro diagnostic tests. The company houses its own automated factory and a rapid in vitro diagnostic R&D team.

UNOR supplier

UNOR's R&D team consists of experts in IVD technology and rapid disease testing. We offer complete one-stop solutions for custom products, catering to various application needs. We have established a 9,500-square-meter GMP clean workshop and a 2,500-square-meter 100,000-level clean workshop. With the guidance of our skilled technical team and utilizing precision machining, mold design, and injection molding in our dust-free workshop, we provide comprehensive services for the rapid disease detection industry.

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UNOR is equipped with advanced production equipment such as large CNC machining centers imported from Switzerland, CNC lathes and grinders imported from Japan, FANUC injection molding machines and blow molding machines imported from Japan for product design and manufacturing. This equipment includes high-precision CNC machine tools, automatic robotic arms, belts Energy-saving servo motor injection molding machines, etc. The combination of high-efficiency injection molding machines and automatic robotic arm systems reduces work intensity and improves work efficiency; it achieves zero contact between products and operators during the production process, thus effectively ensuring the safety and quality stability of injection molding production. , currently, 90% of the company's products have achieved fully automated production.

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Trusted Pet Rapid Diagnostic Solutions

Relying on a strong supply chain and a professional in vitro diagnostic medical research team, UNOR has developed a series of pet rapid diagnostic test kits, including CPV Ag, FPV Ag, FIV Ab, CCV/CDV/CPV Ag combo Test, etc. A total of 22 pet rapid diagnostic kits. UNOR has its own factory, which ensures product quality and saves our customers a lot of middleman costs. At present, our pet rapid test kits have been sold well in mainland China. We have cooperated with many pet clinics and pet hospitals and have gained the trust of many partners!

UNOR Rapid diagnostic tests for pets

Advancing In Vitro Diagnostics Beyond Pet Health

UNOR will continue to develop in the field of in vitro diagnostics. In addition to the rapid detection of pet diseases, we will continue to develop new products in the fields of infectious disease detection, drug detection, marker detection, reproductive detection, and other fields.

Below is a catalog of products we can develop, including but not limited to


  • HBsAg
  • HbsAb
  • HBV
  • HCV
  • HIV1/2
  • HIV1/2-S
  • TP
  • HP-Ab
  • HP-Ag 


  • MOP
  • MET
  • KET
  • MDMA
  • THC
  • COC
  • AMP
  • PCP
  • OXY
  • MTD
  • BZO
  • BUP
  • MCT
  • FYL
  • CAF
  • TML
  • MQL


  • FOB
  • TRF
  • cTnI/CK-MB/Myo
  • cTnI
  • FER
  • CRP
  • MAU


  • HCG
  • LH
  • FSH


  • RV
  • RV/ADV
  • MP-IgM
  • HAV-IgM
  • HEV-IgM
  • HEV-IgG
  • HBV Pre-S1
  • HBV Pre-S2
  • CHL
  • T.V
  • NGH
  • CAL
  • TORCH combo

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