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UNOR™ Provide Customized Rapid Disease Testing Solutions

UNOR's R&D team consists of experts in IVD technology and rapid disease testing. We offer complete one-stop solutions for custom products, catering to various application needs. We have established a 9,500-square-meter GMP clean workshop and a 2,500-square-meter 100,000-level clean workshop. With the guidance of our skilled technical team and utilizing precision machining, mold design, and injection molding in our dust-free workshop, we provide comprehensive services for the rapid disease detection industry.

Rapid Diagnostic Test

Product Advantages


Our rapid diagnostic test employs colloidal gold detection technology, boasting an accuracy rate exceeding 98%.


We specialize in developing tailored testing products for specific disease diagnoses with our professional research team.


Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times and get prompt test results within a mere 5-10 minutes, eliminating the need for prolonged waits at the hospital.


Regardless of your location, whether you're at home or exploring new destinations, the opportunity to test is available at any moment.

Our advantage

Customized Suppliers Tailor-made for you

If you can't find the item you want to test, please contact us. We can develop a new test item for you and provide a small amount of samples for you to try.

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If you're looking to develop a new in vitro detection kit, you can consult this product catalog (including but not limited to options), or reach out to us directly by contacting us here. We'll respond within 24 business hours.